Home Sport Ranking the best available college basketball transfers and mens high school recruits for 2022 23 The Athletic

Ranking the best available college basketball transfers and mens high school recruits for 2022 23 The Athletic

Ranking the best available college basketball transfers and mens high school recruits for 2022 23 The Athletic

It’s free agency season in college basketball.

Well, not technically. But in the era of one-time free transfers (as well as graduate transfers), the mid-season has become a time for teams to radically rebuild their squads. Nearly 1,700 players entered the transfer portal last year, and while those numbers may have been boosted by the pandemic, we can expect another busy spring and summer in terms of movement. of player.

The Athletic is here to help you keep up with all the deals. We’re ranking the top uncommitted high school and middle school transfer prospects, and we’ll continually update this list as players come in and out of the board. The college players here are listed by the class they will enter in the 2022-23 season. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind with portals: guards are always easier to find than big soldiers.

Following players’ commitments, we are updating this list with a ranking of the most suitable ones.

Let’s move on to the portal (and crootin’):

Players previously ranked

No. 1 Tyrese Hunter (Iowa State to Texas)

No. 1 Yohan Traore (HS to Auburn)

No. 1 Isaiah Mosley (Missouri State to Missouri)

No. 1 Pete Nance (Northwestern to North Carolina)

No. 1 Emoni Bates (Memphis to Eastern Michigan)

No. 2 Emmanuel Akot (Boise State to Memphis)

No. 2 Nijel Pack (Kansas State to Miami)

No. 2 Courtney Ramey (Texas to Arizona)

No. 3 Kendric Davis (SMU to Memphis)

No. 3 Baylor Scheierman (South Dakota State to Creighton)

No. 3. Malachi Smith (Chattanooga to Gonzaga)

No. 4 Malik Reneau (HS to Indiana)

No. 4 Kevin McCullar (Texas Tech to Kansas)

No. 4 A.J. Green (Staying in NBA Draft)

No. 5 Brandon Murray (LSU to Georgetown)

No. 5 Patrick Baldwin (Staying in NBA Draft)

No. 5 Keion Brooks (Kentucky to Washington)

No. 5 Justin Powell (Tennessee to Washington State)

  1. Jacob Grandison (Illinois to Duke)

No. 6 Skyy Clark (HS to Illinois)

No. 6 Leonard Miller (HS to NBA Draft)

No. 7 Tristen Newton (East Carolina to Connecticut)

No. 7 Norchad Omier (Arkansas State to Miami)

No. 7 Kenneth Lofton (Staying in NBA Draft)

No. 7 Josh Minott (Staying in NBA Draft)

No. 8 Trevon Brazile (Missouri to Arkansas)

No. 8 Andre Curbelo (Illinois to St. John’s)

No. 8 Matthew Mayer (Baylor to Illinois)

No. 8 Efe Abogidi (Signing with G League Ignite)

No. 9. Felipe Haase (Mercer to Southern Miss)

No. 10. KC Ndefo (Saint Peter’s to Seton Hall)

No. 11 Julian Phillips (HS to Tennessee)

No. 11 Will Richard (Belmont to Florida)

No. 11 Johni Broome (Morehead State to Auburn)

No. 11 Osun Osunniyi (St. Bonaventure to Iowa State)

No. 11 Grant Sherfield (Nevada to Oklahoma)

No. 12 Terrence Shannon (Texas Tech to Illinois)

No. 12 Antoine Davis (Staying at Detroit)

No. 12 Kyle Lofton (St. Bonaventure to Florida)

No. 12 Ricky Council (Wichita State to Arkansas)

No. 13 Mark Sears (Ohio to Alabama)

No. 14 Brandon Huntley-Hatfield (Tennessee to Louisville)

No. 16 Michael Jones (Davidson to Stanford)

No. 17 Tanner Holden (Wright State to Ohio State)

No. 17 Umoja Gibson (Oklahoma to DePaul)

No. 18 Donald Carey (Georgetown to Maryland)

No. 19 Yuri Collins (Staying at Saint Louis)

No. 20 Jalen Bridges (West Virginia to Baylor)

No. 20 K.J. Williams (Murray State to LSU)

No. 20 David Jones (DePaul to St. John’s)

No. 21 Terry Roberts (Bradley to Georgia)

No. 21 Bryce Hopkins (Kentucky to Providence)

No. 21 Jahmir Young (Charlotte to Maryland)

No. 21 Frankie Collins (Michigan to Arizona State)

No. 22 Fardaws Aimaq (Utah Valley to Texas Tech)

No. 22 Noah Carter (Northern Iowa to Missouri)

No. 22 Adam Miller (Staying at LSU)

No. 23 Jalen Graham (Arizona State to Arkansas)

No. 23 John-Michael Wright (High Point to Oklahoma State)

No. 23 Dexter Dennis (Wichita State to Texas A&M)

No. 23 Kario Oquendo (staying at Georgia)

No. 23 Darin Green (UCF to Florida State)

No. 23 Souley Boum (UTEP to Xavier)

No. 23 Xavier Pinson (LSU to New Mexico State)

No. 24 Alex Fudge (Florida to LSU)

No. 24 Antonio Reeves (Illinois State to Kentucky)

No. 24 Keyshawn Bryant (South Carolina to USF)

No. 25 Payton Sparks (staying at Ball State)

No. 25 Javon Franklin (South Alabama to Georgia Tech)

No. 26 Ben Vander Plas (Ohio to Virginia)

No. 27 Landers Nolley (Memphis to Cincinnati)

No. 27 Tre Mitchell (Texas to West Virginia)

No. 28 Tyreke Key (Indiana State to Tennessee)

No. 28 Jermaine Couisnard (South Carolina to Oregon)

No. 28. Caleb Asberry (Texas State to Oklahoma State)

No. 29 Devin Carter (South Carolina to Providence)

No. 29 Jarkel Joiner (Ole Miss to NC State)

No. 29 Sean McNeil (West Virginia to Ohio State)

No. 29 Manny Bates (NC State to Butler)

No. 29 Jamarion Sharp (Staying at Western Kentucky)

No. 30 De’Vion Harmon (Oregon to Texas Tech)

No. 33 Jake Stephens (VMI to Chattanooga)

No. 33 Franck Kepnang (Oregon to Washington)

No. 33 Jaren Holmes (St. Bonaventure to Iowa State)

No. 33. Andre Kelly (California to UCSB)

No. 34 DJ Burns Jr. (Winthrop to NC State)

No. 35 Dawson Garcia (North Carolina to Minnesota)

No. 35. Jarod Lucas (Oregon State to Nevada)

No. 36 Elijah Harkless (Oklahoma to UNLV)

No. 36 Al-Amir Dawes (Clemson to Seton Hall)

No. 37 Ali Ali (Akron to Butler)

No. 37. Khalil Shabazz (Staying at San Francisco)

No. 38 Eric Hunter (Purdue to Butler)

No. 39 Morriz Udeze (Wichita State to New Mexico)

No. 41 Tristan Enaruna (Iowa State to Cleveland State)

No. 41 Dre Davis (Louisville to Seton Hall)

No. 42 Cam Spencer (Loyola Maryland to Rutgers)

No. 43 Eric Gaines (LSU to UAB)

No. 43 Tyree Appleby (Florida to Wake Forest)

No. 44 Isaac Likekele (Oklahoma State to Ohio State)

No. 47 D’Moi Hodge (Cleveland State to Missouri)

No. 48 Efton Reid (LSU to Gonzaga)


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